Best Dietitian & Nutritionist Doctors in India

Determining the “best” dietician for weight loss in India can be subjective and depends on individual needs, preferences, and the approach you are looking for. However, here are a few well-known dieticians in India who have gained recognition for their expertise in weight loss:

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific rankings for the best dietitians and nutritionists in India, as individual preferences and needs vary. However, I can provide you with a list of well-known dietitians and nutritionists in India, who have gained recognition for their expertise and contributions to the field. Keep in mind that popularity and rankings can change, so it’s advisable to check the latest reviews and recommendations. Here are some notable dietitians and nutritionists in India:

  • Rujuta Diwekar:
    Renowned celebrity nutritionist and author.
    Known for her holistic approach to nutrition and her clients include Bollywood celebrities.
  • Dr. Swarn Shikha Sharma:
    Integrative and lifestyle medicine nutritionist.
    Focuses on a balanced approach to health, including nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being.
  • Dr. Shikha Sharma:
    Founder of Nutri-Health Systems, a nutrition counseling center.
    Known for her personalized and scientific approach to diet planning.
  • Anjali Mukerjee:
    Founder of Health Total, a chain of nutrition clinics.
    Specializes in weight loss and holistic health.
  • Pooja Makhija:
    Celebrity nutritionist and author.
    Known for her practical and sustainable approach to diet and nutrition.
  • Ishi Khosla:
    Clinical nutritionist and founder of Whole Foods.
    Focuses on therapeutic nutrition and preventive healthcare.
  • Kavita Devgan:
    Nutritionist, weight management consultant, and author.
    Advocates for a balanced and mindful approach to eating.
  • Neha Ranglani:
    Integrative nutritionist and health coach.
    Emphasizes plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness.
  • Dr. Amrapali Patil:
    Founder of Trim N Tone™, a chain of weight management clinics.
    Specializes in obesity and lifestyle-related disorders.
  • Shubi Husain:
    Nutritionist and founder of Health Sanctuary.
    Expertise in weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness.

    Before choosing a dietitian or nutritionist, consider your specific health goals and requirements. Verify their qualifications, experience, and client reviews. It’s also advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice. Additionally, check for the latest information since my knowledge is based on data available up to January 2022.

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