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U- Lipo Fat Treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi - Rising Health


    We are here to help you! U & i-Lipo wellness Centre offers Clients a relaxed and enjoyable environment for you to lose centimetres of unwanted fat and help gain your confidence back using state of the art laser technology. A safe and painless process where exceptional results can be seen within your first treatment. When U- lipo and the cellulite treatments are used together, the results are excellerated. u & i-lipo provides more than just "machinery". We take a personal approach to helping our clients get their body and health back. We have a fully qualified and trained dietician and massage therapist on site to give you the full support structure you need to help you on your journey to wellness.

U-lipo ( ultrasonic lipolysis RF):-

  • weight loss
  • inch loss from any specific area
  • toning & tightning
  • face lift