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Clients Testimonials

  • * Archna Jaideep Singh

    Earlier this year, after working 18 hours a day towards my painting exhibition, my routine went completely awry. Standing for long hours resulted in pain in my right femur and my back. Consequently, I had difficulty in walking and in no time my body put on quite a bit of weight.

    Luckily, one day, I came across an advertisement of Rising Health and it gave me hope that I would be able to bring down my weight through the holistic health programme of Rising health.

    I joined Rising Health in February 2013 but became serious about the programme from April. I followed the suggestions of the dieticians and started going on a daily basis.

    By July I had no pain in any part of my body and I felt that I've reclaimed my lost self. I'm a happier person and 11 kg lighter than in February. I can confidently wear clothes that I had given up wearing. I feel much appreciation for Dr. Shikha and Priyanka, the two young ladies who run the place with dedication and for the healing touch of lovely Kajal who is a natural therapist.

    I love Rising Health and recommend this clinic to anyone who is serious about losing weight and gaining confidence


    I joined rising health when i had excess weight and doctors recommended for weight reduction. i came to know about rising health through word of mouth. though i was very confused about joining the place, but somehow i joined against my will. but i was amazed by their results. i lost 11 kgs in 2 months besides this i am impressed by their professionalism and courtesy while treating their clients.. my appreciation goes to DR. Shikha sharma as well. she guided me with best of the treatment. and a balance diet pattern.

  • * Vinita Gupta.....( Manager in MNC)

    I joined RISING HEALTH when i had excess of weight and all of my clothes were not able to fit me up.. i was very confused what to do, as it was the first time i put on weight, even after my delivery. i have a 8 year old daughter, and she used to tell me "mamma you are fat" that day i have decided to reduce weight, and come to rising health. the place is amazing........... i have reduced 12 kgs of weight in span of 2.5 months. now i am able to wear my favorite clothes, as well gain more confident.. thanks to RISING HEALTH, for make me reduce weight and giving me back my earlier confident.

  • * VARUN AHUJA ( builder)

    taking session from RISING HEALTH are amazing. great job. excellent atmosphere over all very good place to reduce weight.

  • * KAPIL NISCHAL (minister)

    wonderful diet plans... excellent work. reduced 7kgs in 1 month

  • * RUBINA(student)

    reduced full face hair growth with 6 months. wonderful results of laser

  • * SHALIZA PANWAR( house wife)

    excellent atmosphere, got a new skin with complete hair reduction..

  • * SHAILENDER PANWAR( software engineer)

    reduced 10 kgs just in 40 days. awesommmmmmeeeeee place


    very good environment. reduced 10kgs in 70 days

  • * DEEP MALIK( sales manager)

    reduction of 11kgs in 80 days!!!!!!!!! awsomeeeee diets


    Good planning of diets, reduced 12 kgs in 2.5 months.

  • * PRIYA CHAUDHARY (house wife)

    good place for skin improvement. i gt a new life with my new skin